How One Woman is Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business


By Nicholas Muiruri

Despite the many benefits associated with networking, many people do not excel at the simplest of these: exchanging business cards. Think of the number of times you have been at a networking event only to realize that you forgot to carry your business cards. On the other hand, you attended events, might have collected tens of business cards, but failed to follow up on any leads. Here is a reprieve; the NetWorq app. The app allows you to design your business card and share it digitally. With this app, you could share your business card on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, email or SMS. The hassle of carrying paper business cards is no more.

According to Anie Akpe, the app’s founder, a time comes when you want to get in touch with someone you met at a gathering. However, you realize that you do not have their business card; you lost it. You reckon that there has to be an alternative. The objective of NetWorq is to provide you with connectivity at the click of a button. The app helps you become adept at networking and follow-ups. NetWorq imports your contacts from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, the app allows you to update your status on LinkedIn. At the same time, you can connect with people attending an event through social media. The app connects your Eventbrite and Meetup accounts. You can even create and share events. If you have a website, you can add widgets through the app. NetWorq keeps information of the event you attended and its location, making you recall the source of your business cards collection. By enabling the GPS feature on your phone, the app can tell you the contacts located nearby.

Besides connecting and sharing statuses, NetWorq lets you organize information on business cards. With this feature, you can share information that is relevant to an event quickly.

Following its launch in 2015, NetWorq had 20,000 downloads in a span of six months. Responding to the query of how she achieved this fate, Akpe said that she opted to launch the app in Nigeria since there was saturation in the U.S. market.

One can download the free version of the app on Google Play. Going forward, Akpe plans to incorporate ads and charge a fee for upgrades. Other than NetWorq, Akpe also owns Innov8tiv an online publication that features black people with outstanding technological innovations.

Black Enterprise posed a question regarding the challenges she faced during the formational stages of her business. Akpe singled out the disappointment from people she expected would fund her project only for them to disappoint her.

On rules she did not follow, Akpe said she did not follow the usual path of building a concept and then looking for financial assistance. She funded her projects because she believed in herself.

Black Enterprise also asked her what things she discovered she could do in her way. Akpe answered that focusing on her vision helped her stay on track.