How One Woman Juggled A Day Job And Her Own Event Business


By Ryan Velez

Adesola Rosiji has always been a hardworking woman, raised by a Nigerian-American family with parents who have entrepreneurial hearts and spirits of their own. As a result, when the time came to pursue her passion as an event planner while using the skills from her current job as a project manager for a healthcare company, she took the leap. Rosiji recently had an interview with Black Enterprise to share her story and some of her knowledge.

When asked what led her to start AdeXperience Events, Rosiji said the realization was natural. “I have always enjoyed planning my own birthday parties, barbecues, and graduation parties. I always found a reason to celebrate just so I could throw a party. The real inspiration and drive started when two of my close friends asked if I could plan his wife’s baby shower and the other was to plan a private 30th birthday dinner. These events were both so successful I decided to turn my passion into a business and here I am now as AdeXperience.”

Despite being relatively new, Rosiji has already seen some success, working with top names in the industry. “Early on when I started my business I was approached to do sponsorships. Doing several sponsorships allowed me to create the relationships I needed and also allowed me to build my brand. Through these sponsorships, I was able to work with Karen Civil, Claire Sulmers, Marlo Hampton, and other leading women in the industry.” She also calls meeting with Civil and Sulmers as one of the most memorable moments in her career.

However, there’s always going to be some challenges. “My biggest challenge starting my own company is having to do everything on my own and that includes research on every item the client may want and also making things that are not available, available. There are so many logistics that go into planning an event, and as a planner, you have to use what works for you. I stay positive and remain focused and always have an alternate plan to getting things complete. I also hired an intern last year to assist me with events and that has worked remarkably well.”

An added challenge is balancing two jobs. “It can be very difficult balancing two full-time jobs. I honestly wouldn’t consider my event planning as a side hustle at this point. Event planning is my career and I am currently transitioning and trying to make this “my full-time career” with a lot of other ideas I have brewing.”