How To Be Successful In Real Estate


By Ryan Velez

The Principle of the Bond Group Jane Bond has a lot of reason to celebrate recently, hitting a major career milestone by representing the owners of a Naples, Florida, residential property that traded in eight days for a record-breaking $14.75 million. Real estate is a second career for her, starting off in New York’s and Los Angeles’ entertainment and interior design industries, but she has found great success, especially in the Florida market. Since 2010, she has sold $50 million in real estate and boasts achieved top-performing sales in Naples, a city that’s been counted as one of the wealthiest (in terms of resident income) in the country. Black Enterprise recently caught up with Bond and interviewed her about how to close some of those high-end deals.

One piece of advice Bond shares applies not just only in real estate, but in just about any career you can think of, leveraging your network and networking skills to get those lucrative deals. She met the owners of the record-breaking property we mentioned earlier through a friend who was an interior designer. “He knows me and my love for interior design,” Bond says. “He informed me that he was working with someone who had a great property that I just had to see, and it all went forward from there.” Between her work as an international flight attendant, home designer for NFL players, and career in entertainment management, Bond was already a networking natural.

Similar in concept is using past education to relate to clients. Bond is a graduate of Pace University (with a degree in finance) and Parsons School of Design (interior design) and says that when it comes to dealing with luxury properties, both have come in handy, and not just in the obvious ways. “I’ve been able to travel, study, and see beautiful places, homes, and structures around the world, and I enjoy it,” she says. “It’s often great conversation when you are knowledgeable about diverse aspects of luxury living, international travel, and the trends that are popular in various markets.” One of the best ways to get the attention of high-net-worth people is to be able to have a conversation on their level.

Equally important is trying to keep your reputation squeaky-clean. “High-net-worth clients are often highly ambitious and expect excellence in all that they do and the people they associate with,” Bond says. “I’d built a track record, even in my days working in entertainment, with celebrities, where I did what I said I would do,” she adds. “You have to be a person who comes through on your promises, is diligent in the way you do business, and is known for offering the best of the best.” After all, many of these people can have their pick of who they choose to work with, so they are looking for those who can fulfill their needs effectively, quickly, and with minimal complexity.

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