How To Boost Your Confidence And Better Your Business Acumen


By Victor Ochieng

Making it in business requires focus and resilience. Many entrepreneurs get discouraged as soon as they sense diminishing opportunities characterized with slump in sales, especially if it comes at a time their competitors are doing just fine.

An entrepreneur who lacks confidence might end up being pushed out of business because of such challenges. That’s why it’s important to consciously boost one’s confidence so as to keep the business afloat and raise opportunities.

Teia Harris, founder of Love Publicity, a public relations agency based in Detroit, shares some insight on how she’s endured the challenges she encountered while working to build solid business capable of maintaining high-level client-retention rate and a steady flow of new business enquiries.

“Six years ago when I launched my agency, I had a hard time getting clients who recognized the value of my creativity and intellectual power,” she said. “I knew my worth because I was able to deliver when clients gave my company the opportunity, but as a new entrepreneur, I often struggled with proclaiming that worth to others and also closing deals with equitable pay.”

Below are the tips Harris shares on how to boost your confidence in business;

Exercise Tunnel Goal – Set a clear goal and think of what things would be like when you achieve that goal. Be conscious of where you want to take your business, the steps needed to get there and then work towards that destination while noting both small and big victories you register along the way.

Be direct – Remain decisive on the activities that will help you get to your goal. By being assertive on what you want, you begin asking the right questions and making the right demands thus raising your success probability.

Learn about your industry – What you need to do is ensure you consistently learn about your industry. By learning more, you get more comfortable talking about your business. Moreover, people will consider you an expert in your field. To reach that level, ensure you keep yourself abreast with industry changes.

Celebrate your wins – Many people ignore their wins, something that makes them feel less confident. Whenever you achieve a win, however small, ensure you celebrate it. However, you must not become complacent with the achievement. Reaching success is a marathon, with every milestone worth celebrating as you stay focused on the grand prize.

Be optimistic – By remaining positive, you build muscles to help you towards achieving your goal. Read about successful people and build a network of inspirational entrepreneurs. Have the “I can do it too” mindset.

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