If you’re a woman with damaged hair, this entrepreneur has just what you need


By Ryan Brennan

Everyone has their own calling, but some people go through life without ever finding theirs. For some, it is found at an early age. For others, it is developed around their college years.

For this instance, Taneice Chavers had a few life obstacles to get over before finding her calling. She started to make salon appointments regularly, like most people do. However, she soon found out that she was suffering from severely damaged hair. She said it was due to over processing. She also stated that at the age of 18, her tresses completely fell out. This left Chavers embarrassed and insecure.

“I went looking for a salon that would teach me how to grow my hair back healthy and service me in a private setting,” said Taneice Chavers in an interview with BlackEnterprise. She added, “I did not want anyone to see how my hair looked, but there was no salon like that.”

When Taneice saw opportunity, she tackled it. Inspired by her life-changing experience, Chavers went on to take matters into her own hands. She thought up a plan for a model salon and spa where women “could feel comfortable and have that confidentiality with their stylist, as well as be educated on healthy hair and skin,” as described by Chavers.

Today, Chavers is a 29 year old entrepreneur and founder of Sheer Bliss Hair Lounge & Spa. Her full-service salon is a safe-haven for women suffering from any kind of hair loss or damaged hair. Sheer Bliss has made it clear that they can tackle any issue with your hair, with the help of the best hair care and service that they offer.

The salon also offers “free Wi-Fi, a refreshment cafe, a quarterly newsletter on maintaining healthy hair, discounts on retail products, monthly maintenance on custom wigs, free basic facials and paraffin hand treatments on every visit…” Those are just some of the perks offered by Sheer Bliss.

Taneice Chavers and the Sheer Bliss team are revolutionizing the salon industry, making it more of a personal and unique experience for everyone. They not only fix whatever issues you have with your hair, but they also teach and inform you on how you can help prevent it from happening again. Sheer Bliss is the customer service that everyone’s been waiting for!

Sheer Bliss: Entrepreneur Opens Salon for Women Suffering Hair Loss