Is Colin Kaepernick Angling For A Book Deal?


By Ryan Velez

Colin Kaepernick has been nothing but news since he first started taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality. While in many ways, the conversation has grown beyond him, there is still the very evident fact that he is still not playing for an NFL team, despite the fact that there are many teams that could use his services. Whether it’s an issue with his talent or views, Kaepernick filed a collusion case against the NFL, which may be the final nail in his coffin for a career in football (at least in this league).

Without football, there’s a bit of a question on how Kaepernick will make a living, and Celebrity Net Worth reports that a book deal may be on the horizon. The deal will be with Random House imprint One World, and is speculated to be just over $1 million dollars. For any new author, this is a pretty good deal. The One World imprint likely seems like a good match for a book that promises to be anything but your traditional sports memoir. Run by literary editor Chris Jackson, it’s only been around for a year, but has already courted names like Jay-Z, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and others. Apparently, Kaepernick’s been meeting with One World since October to hammer out final details of the book.

Even if the odds are against Kaepernick returning to the field, especially considering the collusion filing that was going on while these negotiations take place, he is reportedly eager to return to football. At this point, other players all over the league have carried on where he left off, continuing a national conversation about the anthem itself and the act of protesting. For right now, reps of One World and Kaepernick have yet to formally confirm anything. However, considering the nature of the topic and the current climate, there are likely many people who would pick up a book explaining Kaepernick’s views and story from their shelves. Perhaps this will serve as a second career for him if the NFL is unwilling to take him back as a player.