Life and Business Hacks For “Soloprenuers” to Save Time, Get More Done


By Robert Stitt

An entrepreneur starts up and operates a business or businesses. When you take on the same responsibility but do it all alone – not just the start up, but the whole business – then you qualify as a soloprenuer.

When you are a soloprenuer, you have to do it all: whatever process makes the money, marketing, sales, billing, dealing with customers and everything else that comes into play. As your business grows, you may find it more and more difficult to keep up with everything on your “to do” list, and, as the owner, you can’t afford to let any of them slip.

Some people may find that they are simply no longer able to keep up with it all alone as their business grows. Others may find that using some of the following tools and tweaks will keep things flowing nicely.

The Daily Muse suggests trying a 1 -3 -5 rule. Before going home for the day, you must accomplish one large task, three medium ones, and five regular to small things. What tasks fall into each category will be different for each person, but for most of us the email and web browsing will not fall into the large or medium task range.

Lifehacker says you need to “Get smart with your smartphone”. Phones can be part of the business necessity list, but they can also be a great distraction. It is okay to turn off the phone, the texts, and the messages. Use your phone as your answering service. Remember the days before everyone carried a phone on them 24/7 and they needed to leave a message on the answering machine. Many of today’s top business leaders refuse to take calls directly unless they have been scheduled or requested. If it is important, a message will be left and they will decide how important the conversation really was.

Use automation. Technology has the ability to automate tasks for us. It can track your time, money, even make posts on your blog for you. Allow yourself to get into the zone, knock out a bunch of tasks, and then set them on an automated schedule. The best example is automatic bill pay. You can use the same theory and technology for so much more than paying your credit card bill, though.

If all else fails, you may have to consider getting an intern, a student worker from the university, or even outsource some of your work. You may have started as a soloprenuer, but there’s nothing wrong with your business growing, is there?