By Robert Stitt

Other times, claims will lure you in with the carefree life of a world wanderer who blogs about the gazillion exciting places they have visited and experienced. The question that comes to mind, however, is whether or not any of these claims might actually be true.

Is it possible to make money blogging? Ha, the answer is not quite so simple. Obviously, many people make money blogging. How much is another story. While there are people that actually do travel around the world blogging, they are in the vast minority. Theirs are the “hook” stories told by the spammers to add a hint of truth to their claims. There are also those who do have coffee while enjoying leisurely days at home while blogging. And, they do quite well at it.

The Network Journal’s caution is that if you want to make money blogging, you first have to understand the “Internet’s current landscape”. There is so much content available on the Internet right now, the challenge is getting people to know you exist. Once they do find you, you need to get them to return to your site.

If you want to give blogging a try, here are three ways that you can make some money.

1.Google AdSense. As the largest search engine in the world, Google rakes in billions of advertising dollars. The money comes from companies who want to be at the top of search results. AdSense is based on the same principle. If you can get people to your site, advertisers will pay to put their ad on your blog so that many people will see it. The more people who visit your site, the more advertisers are willing to pay to be on it.

Google AdSense is easy to set up. You just add some simple code to your website and leave the rest to Google. Ok, you still have to do something to bring people to the site or you don’t make any money, but as far as the AdSense goes, it couldn’t be easier.

2.Affiliate Marketing. This is similar to AdSense in that you are getting paid to advertise on your site. The difference is that you are providing a link to another site, and if purchases are made by somebody that was directed from your site, then you get paid. You can also sell others’ goods right from your site as their affiliate.

Bloggers often make good money from affiliate marketing. They are able to promote certain products or services, provide the link, and get paid. Those who are familiar with the blog and trust the opinion of the blogger are more likely to click those links. Since you are offering services within a niche, the chances of a successful sale go up even more.

3.Product Creation. The big money is in the products. This is as true on the Internet as it is in the analog world. Make a product, sell it, collect the money. It can be anything from a video course, an e-book, how-to guides, etc. The more products you have the greater the chance that you can sell them.

Regardless of the method you choose to make money, the secret to wealth is the same. You have to create content that people want to read so they will come to your site. If you can do that, you just might have what it takes to make it big in the blogosphere. Source