Meet Angel Rich And See How Credit Stacker Is Changing The Financial World


By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Let's face it – it's always good seeing African-Americans succeed in the business world. With so many people overlooking the gifts of African-Americans, when one stands out, it should be recognized.

Here's why you need to know Angel Rich and how she has been called 'The Next Steve Jobs.'

Rich, a graduate from Hampton University and the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China has created an app that is changing the world. The app is called the Credit Stacker and it 'teaches students about personal finance, credit management, and entrepreneurship in a fun and engaging way.'

Rich's app was so popular that is what downloaded over 200,000 times within a two week span. That's why she has been called 'The Next Steve Jobs.'

According to a story published Business Women, “Remarkably the app has been named the 'best financial literacy product in the country' by the Office of Michelle Obama, the 'best learning game in the country' by the Department of Education, and the 'best solution in the world for reducing poverty' by JP Morgan Chase. It has won first place in several business competitions including the Industrial Bank Small Business Regional Competition and the Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch Competition. All in all, Angel has won more than $50,000 in business grants.”

Before launching the app, Rich worked for Prudential where she conducted over 70 financial behavor modification studies.

“Credit Stacker app is available in four languages and in 40 countries, and is quickly approaching 1 million downloads.

Although the app is free for users to download, the revenue model is to generate money on the back-end from advertisers in addition to contracts, including one that she already has with the Dept. of Health and Human Services. She also already has a partnership with the D.C. Dept of Insurance, Securities, and Banking.”


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