Meet One Of The Few Black-Owned Potato Chip Producers In The World


By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Is it fair to say that everyone should attempt to go into business for themselves at one time in their life? Because no job is secure, it's always important to have another stream of income, in case something happens with the job.

Let's face it – those who go into business for themselves are truly stepping out on faith. They believe in their product and/or service and are willing to put everything on the line to make their dreams come true.

Finding your passion will help drive you in the world of entrepreneurship. It's doing what you love that will keep you grounded and focused.

Case in point- a father and his two daughters have taken their love for cooking and being in the kitchen to create a business of their own. According to the story published in the Atlanta Black Star, “Dondre Anderson and his daughters Amina and Amari are the creators behind the all-natural, gluten- and MSG-free Symphony Chips, making them one of the few Black-owned potato chip producers in the world.”

In 2010, Anderson launched his business, All A's Spice Seasonings. It was a way of sprinkling savory seasonings on homemade potato chips. It was a success. After much thought, Anderson decided to launch his own line with the help of his daughters.

“We began featuring our chips at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in 2016, and patrons showed tremendous appreciation for the vibrant addition to the concession stands,” the company website states. “Soon after, we started expanding to other symphonies across the state of Georgia and are now available online as well. Customers no longer have to leave the house to get the symphony of melodic flavors to snack on.”

They are getting orders from all over the world. To check out their company, click here to view their website.


Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him at, or on Twitter