Natural Sista Launches a PR Product That Is Saving Small Business Owners Money


Reported by Ryan Brennan

However, you find yourself needing to challenge your company by increasing your sales and advertising. Your goal is to make sure that when people think of your industry, whether it be the auto industry or the restaurant industry, you are the first company to come to their minds.

You may find this goal to be very difficult due to the fact that you are a small business that has a tight budget, so you’re stuck finding a way to reach this goal after realizing that money doesn’t grow on trees. In fact, time doesn’t either.

Amanda Miller Littlejohn, seasoned branding and PR mogul, is helping those small businesses overcome this challenge. She developed The Branding Box, which is being described as PR-in-a-box. The box is designed to aid small businesses in achieving PR and branding stardom with the use of a step-by-step explanation. The do-it-yourself box is sure to “package your genius,” states by The Branding Box’s mantra.

Most small business owners are aware of the cost of hiring a PR professional, which will put a big hole in your available funds, so owners are falling in love with this product, which cuts the cost of a PR professional at a fraction of the price, also allowing you to do everything yourself. The package costs a mere $397.

When asked by Black Enterprise how her Branding Box has taken her business to the next level, as opposed to hiring a PR professional, Littlejohn responded that it has been greatly beneficial:

I think the Box absolutely does help me stand out and set myself apart even though that was not necessarily my intention. I think that my clients, and the people who are considering working with me like the Box because it’s evidence of my creative thinking and my approach to problem solving, delivering content, and branding. Plus, if I am telling them to ‘package your genius’ it only makes sense that I have experienced packaging mine.
Overall, my philosophy and my creativity shine through in this product, and that’s what clients are ultimately hiring me to bring to their projects.

In addition to purchasing The Branding Box, small businesses can help brand themselves more effectively by sharing their product and testimonies via social media and blogging.

It’s worth noting that Littlejohn’s image appears on all of her products, which can be very inspiring for young girls of color. She proves that Black women who embrace their natural beauty can also be aggressive and successful businesswomen.