Parking Lot attendant makes just $12 an hour and is worth $500,000


It is a commitment to the slow, steady process of stacking your dollars one-by-one and letting your money grow over time. It is also a matter of ensuring that you see money as a form of capital and not as a source of consumption. Read this story and tell us what you think.

Meet Mr. Earl. Mr. Earl is not just a parking lot attendant, he’s also an investment and saving guru. Earl has had this job for decades, and is known for “preaching the gospel of investing.” He has never earned more than $12 dollars an hour or $20,000 per year. His net worth is over half a million dollars from his investing.

He says “stop working so hard and let the money work for you.” This advice is valuable for those who are taught to believe that earning money requires that you engage in back-breaking work for the rest of your life. Instead, income is earned through a healthy dose of financial literacy, discipline and consistent saving and investing.

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