Set Your Own Hours At These Jobs


By Ryan Velez

Work-life balance is being seen as a premium more than ever, and a major part of making this happen is flexibility with your work hours. Black Enterprise has some new data on how important this is, and some potential jobs where you can start setting your hours.

Recent research by FlexJobs has found that the number of people quitting a job because of flexibility issues nearly doubled from 17% to 32% in the past three years. On top of people wanting more flexibility for their families and quality of life, some people are thinking about taking on a second job to take on a new revenue stream—but they need hours that match their schedules to do it.

“The ideal flexible schedule is one where workers can independently set their own hours to accommodate their individual needs, such as so that they can work when they’re personally most productive or to accommodate personal health issues, care-giving responsibilities, volunteering, or other commitments,” Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, said in a news release.

Here are some jobs that Black Enterprise and Flexjobs have compiled to help you on your path to making your own hours:

Business Manager: This job requires providing assistance to clients, supporting special projects, evaluating quality and strict adherence in meeting deadlines. Must have access to a computer and excellent interpersonal skills.

Online Visiting Professor: You can conduct classes virtually for a master’s degree nursing program. You’d be in charge of organizing and preparing course materials and setting course expectations. Requirements including having a current license and a nursing doctorate degree.

Writers: Candidates with a strong understanding of niche industries, such as real estate, and stellar communication skills are in demand for freelance opportunities. You must have stellar skills in researching online trends and other media-related tasks.

Ad Tech Engineer: Use various systems to achieve business goals. Configure third-party for automating manual work. Must have a CS bachelor’s degree. Requires 2+ yrs’ web & software development/3+ yrs’ programming experience. Remote position; create your own schedule.

If you’re looking to get some of these jobs, consider working towards some of the necessary skills and experience to make you the ideal candidate. In some case, the job you’re at now may be able to lead you into a more flexible one.