The Key to Steering Clear of One Sided Business Relationships


By Angela Wills

It’s quite common to enter a business relationship with a partner that is equally excited about the growth and quality of the business as you are, but how long before things start to dull down?

In order to prevent falling victim to one-sided business relationships there are a few mistakes you absolutely can’t afford to make. The most important is to beware of business relationships that have no reciprocity.

If you tend to fail at connecting or networking with people unless you are in need of their services, products or a favor of some kind, people will begin to notice this unattractive characteristic. No one, especially in business, wants to feel that they are only of value to you when something is needed. In fact, this will lead them to treat you as less of a priority. If the relationship truly matters to you and there is great value in what you can do, you want to keep these individuals relevant and engage or network with them on a regular basis.

Make a habit of sharing your own good news or checking up on them often to see how things are going in their business world. Show genuine concern for their progression in the industry in which they service and they will upgrade your value. Always express your gratitude to them when they have helped you to establish a connection and make sure to congratulate them on their accomplishments. If you fail or can’t do any of these things, it’s likely not a good idea to call on them when you’re in need of a favor.

Business relationships are similar to romantic relationships in that they need consistent nourishment and attention from both parties. Strong business relationships are not one-sided by any means. Both parties will feel like that are of equal value and have no doubt that they are a positive contribution to the business relationship.

You simply don’t value the business relationship if you don’t value the person. The amount of attention and care you offer to any relationship, business included, has a direct effect on the quality of business and the growth or success of it as well.

Most importantly, successful relationships are the result of all parties involved, sharing one another’s passion for the business, knowledge, and best practices. Relationships can’t prosper when one party lacks the drive it takes to make the business the best it can be.