Why Entrepreneurs Have To Be Picky With People In Their Life


Let's face it – having the wrong people in your life can be draining. In a real sense, when people in your life spend more time depleting you of your energy and creativity, you are the person that suffers the most.

As an entrepreneur, it's important that the people around you are focused, passionate, committed, and dedicated to their vision/calling. Why? Because they will be your fuel when you need some inspiration. Being a successful entrepreneur takes work, discernment, and patience. Think about this – the rewards of having dynamic people around you will pay off huge dividends.

Unfortunately, too many people surround themselves with the wrong people. Because of it, they will never truly enjoy life nor will they ever be truly successful. Even though it may be difficult to disassociate yourself from certain people, you have to ask yourself this question, 'how much am I willing to lose and give up if I keep certain people around me?' You cannot have negative and unproductive people in your space. They will handcuff you.

Here's what to do to keep the right people in your life and the wrong people out.

  1. Look for people who are successful and ask them to mentor you. This mentor/mentee relationship cannot be a drain to the mentor. In other words, if you're not coming with value and potential, don't expect someone to pour all of their energy into you
  2. Ask people what are their long-term goals. A person without goals and/or a purpose will be useless to you and your overall vision. Some may think this is a difficult question to ask someone in the beginning of building a business relationship, but the truth of the matter is that someone who is serious about success will have already thought about it
  3. Don't apologize for wanting better. It's easy to feel down on yourself when it comes to cutting certain people out of your life, however, you have to be selfish and want what's best for you
  4. Read positive material and promote fluidity. In other words, create an environment that demands excellence. It begins with your attitude and transfers to your behavior

Surrounding yourself with the right people with open the right doors for you. The old adage says it best, 'it's not what you know but who you know that will create opportunities.' The wrong people will hinder your entrepreneurial spirit. Drop them because life is too important and too short to deal with foolishness.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, author of The ABC’s of Making Business Networking Work For You , and success coach. Contact him at drgrey@sinclairgrey.org or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, go to www.sinclairgrey.org and fill out the contact form.