Why Every Entrepreneur Should Add Author To Their Resume?


By Ryan Velez

Entrepreneurship is often a difficult struggle for those who try to break in, and many give up before even fully getting started, whether it is due to simply not making enough money or feeling alone when they are trying to make headway into the business world. A recent Black Enterprise suggests that one of the ways to try and alleviate both these issues is by becoming an author, sharing your story in business while making a bit of money on the side.

Many who don’t write often as a part of their careers or their own personal use may be a bit reluctant to try and dip their toes in the writing world. As a part of their discussion on the issue, Black Enterprise brought on Jessica L. Mosley of J. Mosley Publishing Company, to debunk four common myths that may be holding you back from writing. For one, don’t feel that you need qualifications like a college degree to write a book. While many do use lessons from their college education to enhance their work, a degree doesn’t magically make you a better writer. By the same token, the rise of self-publishing tools lower the other major barrier you may be thinking of: money.

Part of the reason why entrepreneurs, in particular, may want to consider taking the time to write a book is due to the fact that in a way, the content is already there. You already know your field inside and out from working in the trenches, right? Why not share your expertise and stories with the world? Before backing out and thinking that no one cares about what you have to share, remember that you never know who your book may resonate with. Many books, especially e-books, can make bank catering to niche markets. This will not only draw more interest to your business but add credibility to you and your personal brand as an expert in your field of choice.

Once your book is out in the world, even if you don’t become a best-seller overnight, you’ve created a revenue stream that just about anyone can use. The great thing about this is that you can turn your book and its lessons into a workshop or seminar to try and get even more money out of your work.