By Teneshia “Miss Money Sense” LaFaye

I don’t blame people who are skeptical of direct sales and work from home businesses. At one time, I was soured on home-based businesses after several failures in ventures that offered weight loss and household goods.

I almost bit off a friend’s head when he called me to ask if I would come to a “meeting”. I irately asked him if it was MLM (multi-level marketing) and threatened to never speak to him again if it was. To protect our friendship, he said, “No, Tee” and he politely ended the conversation.

Fast forward two years, I have recruited that friend and more than 100 others into a home-based business. So you’re probably wondering why I changed my mind about MLM. Here’s why:

First of all, I chose a network marketing company that offers a service that people need unlike companies offering shakes, diet pills and juices that people have to add into their budget and drop as soon as times get heard. So I went for a business that is a no-brainer because it offers services people actually need. For instance, a health insurance policy, a cell phone service or an energy bill are necessities and aren’t easily discarded. Either one of these can lead to unlimited customers because the government mandates that all working American have health insurance. Homeless people have cell phones and everyone with a home has an electric bill.

Secondly, I work with leaders who have already found success in the business by making hundreds of thousands and some of them millions, and they were willing and able to teach me their proven system to be successful. Whereas often times in MLMs, people are recruited by people who have no idea how to be successful in the business, and sometimes the recruiter is nowhere to be found after the recruit purchases that initial large order.

Lastly, I made a decision to stretch myself to grow into an expert network marketer and leader. I reached beyond the three people in my immediate circle and contacted people from as far back as elementary school. I also embraced being a leader (especially since I have 100 plus partners all over the country) when most of my life I have tried to avoid leadership.

So by leaping back into network marketing, I have found success with the ideal company, the right leadership and have evolved into a better person. Additionally, I have been able to supplement my other business income and I can see myself and several of my MLM partners evolving into multiple six and seven figure earners as we continue to adapt into expert network marketers.

*Teneshia LaFaye is a former award-winning newspaper journalist and a nationally certified financial education instructor. She leads more than 100 people in a home-based business and she owns a health insurance agency. Her two books, What My Mom Taught Me About Money and Mom’s Money Lessons, are available on her web site, [**]( Get her FREE daily money tips to work on improving your financial mindset by “liking” her MissMoneySense page on Facebook, [*](

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