$112 Million Lottery Winner Says She Knows the Secret to Winning


By Robert Stitt

According to Stafford, she would play the California Mega Millions jackpot lottery two to three times per month. Each time, she would “visualize” her win as she picked her random numbers.

When Stafford won the $112 million prize in 2007, she said, “I had been focusing on winning for so long that when I did finally win, it didn’t even feel random; it felt like I had made it happen.” She elaborated that, on the week of her eventual win, she visualized exactly $112 million in winnings and “even researched financial advisers and lawyers in preparation.”

Stafford does not view herself as a normal lottery player, but as a lottery “winner”. She even lists herself as a “Lottery Winner” on Twitter.

She loves to share her advice about winning to her Twitter followers. “You have to prepare yourself for wealth. That’s why I think I’m an anomaly as a successful, stable lottery winner,” she once noted. “Even if it seems to be taking a while to receive what you’re seeking, check your inner thoughts and keep all negativity in check. I already knew I won, because I never doubted.”

According to the Daily Mail, the first thing Stafford did was shop for a new home. She was a single person raising her deceased brother’s five children in a tiny house. She upgraded to a Pacific Palisades home with a pool. For transportation, she opted for a used Mercedes Benz R-class.

Stafford tried to invest much of the money but said that she has had many businesses go south. She also says that people have stolen from her. Does she believe she can win again with her “intuition” and “visualization”? She plays the lotto every week.



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