Did You Know Jordan Peele Has Become The First Black Writer-Director To Make A $100M Debut Feature?


By Ryan Velez

Jordan Peele, known best for his sketch comedy series Key and Peele, made a major splash with his directorial debut Get Out. While the film’s unique take on horror was a huge critical success, what cannot be missed is the moneymaking power it showed as well. In fact, a recent Celebrity Net Worth article says that Get Out has earned Peele a special honor, as the first Black writer-director to cross the $100 million box office margin with his debut feature.

In order to put the success of Peele and Get Out into perspective, one needs to look at the relatively small budget he had to work with. Horror films have long been a favorite of movie producers due to the fact that they can get a large return on a minimal investment, and with a $4 million production cost, Get Out is no different. The fact that he has an additional credit for writing the film’s screenplay has made him the first Black auteur to start this phase of his career with such success, and certainly, the interest will be there from both Hollywood and the viewing public for more work as both a screenwriter and director.

Get Out is the latest work from Blumhouse Productions, who are no stranger to making big money out of small budgets through horror. This production company is known for its lucrative franchises like The Purge and Paranormal Activity. Get Out also holds a record for Blumhouse Productions as well, being the quickest film to hit the $100 million mark, in 16 days. This was previously held by M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, which took 19 days to do so.

Make no mistake, between the subject matter and being Peele’s foray into directing, Get Out was a risky project to back, but in this case, it paid off. What is perhaps most exciting is the fact that we haven’t seen the full extent of its financial performance. In addition to blowing out expectations from industry experts, it also managed to keep a healthy portion of its numbers up in its second week, which generally marks a decline in attendance for horror films. Peele, for his part, has said that he has plans for more films on what he describes as “social demons,” so while there may not be a Get Out 2 on the horizon, the facets that people loved from this film are likely to come to your theater again.



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