Dr. Umar Johnson Wants To Know What Black Churches do with “our Jesus Money”


By Michal Ortner

Dr. Umar Johnson, psychologist and political scientist, claims that the Black church is putting its faith and its money in all the wrong places. Johnson, who describes himself as having the blood of Frederick Douglass running through his veins with the spirit of Marcus Garvey, has many people closely analyzing his statements on church.

In a short Youtube clip, Johnson is shown passionately speaking, “When you put your money in the church bucket, what do you get back? Hope and a future after you die.”

“If I have to die to experience heaven, I don’t need that religion,” says Johnson, who is not a practicing Christian.

Johnson says the white man, the Chinese man, and the Arab man are living in their heavens right now—without having to wait for the afterlife. He says that they are even building their heavens in the ghettos.

This is where he calls out the Black church, saying Blacks don’t need this type of “heaven in the afterlife” mentality because it creates a religion of servitude.

How to defeat this mindset? Johnson says, “Put the Black Church to task and ask them, ‘What are you doing with our Jesus money?’”

Johnson has his own theories about the destination of the so-called “Jesus money.” He says, “Let me tell you what they’re doing with your Jesus money. Every Black church in America has their money in a white bank.”

The problem comes when the banks, in turn, give loans to white entrepreneurs who buy property in what Johnson calls “the ghetto” where “grandmom lives.” He says “grandmom,” who has been funding the church her whole life, can be put out on the streets because of the church’s irresponsibility of funds.

The video has nearly 2,000 views, 68 likes, and zero dislikes. He received several affirming comments like, “BOOOOM… WAKE UP!” and “I love this man!”

The Christian website, A Toast 2 Wealth, comments that Johnson needs to realize that “the same ‘White religion’ and the ‘White Jesus’ that he crucifies often, is the same Savior that gives him breath every time he opens his mouth to persecute Him.”

Dr. Umar Johnson is a Certified School Psychologist who is often seen advocating equality of education for young black men. His website, www.drumarjohnson.com, describes him as the “authority on the education of African-American children and on mental health in the black community.”


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