Father-Daughter Dispute Over Tax Return Turns Deadly


By Robert Stitt

Taxes place stress upon all of us, but most people don’t resort to violence and killing family members over them. yet, you can never be sure just what will cause some folks to snap.

Bryon Winborn, 43, of Gwinnett County, Georgia, shot his 26-year-old step-daughter, Kysha Johnson, while she was walking away from him. Winborne had accused Johnson of delaying his tax return after they got into a fight over taxes.

Johnson did not immediately die, but instead was rushed to a hospital by paramedics where she succumbed to her wounds. Johnson’s mother, two teen brothers, and two younger children were in the house when the shooting took place. Winborne stayed in the house until the police sirens could be heard then fled the scene.

The K-9 units were called in and Winborne, a veteran who is said to be suffering from PTSD, was found hiding in the woods in a nearby neighborhood. He gave up without a fight and was charged with felony murder and aggravated assault. He is being held without bail.

A neighbor told CBS 46 that, “It’s a little scary because it’s a really safe neighborhood.”

Another neighbor, William Wrancher, talked to the suspect every day and was surprised by what took place. He said that Winborne was in the Marines and he was in the Army so every morning they would share the same greeting. “He says ‘What up Army,’ I say ‘What up, Marine.'”

Deon Washington of the Gwinnet Police Department said it was a “horrific” shooting that has ruined a family and has led the peaceful community into the midst of a homicide investigation. “You have a stepdad shooting a stepdaughter in front of other children and in front of the actual mother. That’s a horrific situation for any family to be faced with…a family has been ruined, and we’re now faced with investigating a homicide.”


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