Four Top Executives At Twitter Are Gone


By Robert Stitt

Four of Twitters top executives have been given their migration papers. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, confirmed the “departure” of the executives but denied that they were laid off or fired. “Given the inaccurate press rumors today regarding their departures, I’m addressing this now: I’m sad to announce that Alex Roetter, Skip Schipper, Katie Stanton, and Kevin Weil have chosen to leave the company,” Dorsey said.

The four execs held the following positions within the company:

Alex Roetter – senior vice president of engineering

Skip Schipper – vice president of human resources

Katie Jacobs Stanton – head of media

Kevin Weil – head of product

The New York Times reported that Jason Toff, the man behind Vine, is also leaving since he was offered a job working with Google’s virtual reality products.

Twitter has been in the news a lot lately and not for the best of reasons. Its stock has been plummeting. It fell even further with the announcement of the firm’s brain drain. Many Wall Street analysts are pumping the stock saying that fresh blood in key positions will breathe life into the beleaguered company. Others remain wary. Citi Research analysts have not given the green light on Twitter just yet, but they did say things have just become “more interesting.” Citi Research currently lists the stock as “neutral.”

Twitter has also been the frequent subject of diversity conversations – not the good kind. Just last November, Leslie Miley, a former African American engineer with the company made news by posting about how hard it was to work in a company with no diversity. Twitter’s workforce has just 1.5 percent Black employees. This, despite Pew Research Centers’ findings that “blacks make up the largest percentage of Twitter’s user base and are most active on the platform.”

What was Twitter’s answer to solve the diversity problem? They hired a white male, Jeffrey Siminoff, to head up the company’s diversity and inclusion department.

Jack Dorsey came back to Twitter to shake things up. The question remains: will all the big birds soon fly the coop or is this all part of Dorsey’s master plan?


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