Here Are 6 Tips To A Better You For 2016


By Nicholas Muiruri

With the New Year in sight, perhaps it is the perfect time to evaluate your priorities. You should start by identifying a starting point. At the same time, you should be conversant with the dynamics of change. You must rid your life of bad habits, reassess the people you associate with, and get out of your comfort areas. If you are raring to go, the following six ways will help you face 2016:

Set priorities: Irrespective of what you are aiming to achieve in 2016, the ideal start to the New Year would be to dedicate some time towards achieving a goal. You must be vigorous with the way you plan and spend time. Make use of tools such as alarm devices and calendar. Look for someone who can assist you in progress assessment. Also, learn how to say no to unimportant things.

Travel around: Look for opportunities to get out of your present surroundings. Examples include grabbing your passport and going to other regions or visiting other places within your country. Alternatively, if you are in business, try and discover more about your industry. Climbing to new success heights calls for one to have an open attitude towards learning.

Keep in touch: Social media has made it possible to stay in touch. Despite the fact that there are no limits as to whom you can network with, you should be strategic in your approach. Develop friendships with people that will help add something new to your life. Also, look for connections that help steer you in the direction you want to move. Evaluate your current relationships and plan how to find new mates. Once you have such people in your camp, cultivate the friendship through dialogue, congratulatory and thank-you messages.

Share your experiences: By spreading the word around about what you do, you create visibility. Customers get to know your brand, and it also makes groups you have targeted to put their trust in you.

Do something new: You could create a new website; promote an online cause or write a book.

Switch off your gadgets: You could be among those people who cannot keep away from a Smartphone, emails, and social media. Unbeknown to you, these interactions distract you from pursuing your goals. Make a vow to turn off your cell phone and stay away from Facebook for a few days now and then. Doing so helps you focus on what to do next and spend time with other people.



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