I can see how it is easily be confusing for some blacks to believe that there has been progress for…


I can see how it is easily be confusing for some blacks to believe that there has been progress for the Black Americans. if you look at how we nolonger have to sit at the back of the bus, and how the educational institutions are addressing the issuses of the discriminatory practices in our schools. yes, there's some progress in many areas of the social awareness about the discriminatory practices in America. however, if one would argue that there is far too much conflict between the Black leaders of America, it in itself would have to look at this panel and see this division in action. where there is one who is expressing their personal and educational views of the inequality that is and has been evidence towards the Black Americans, one perspective can address the many different types of discriminatory practices being practiced within the social networkings of the inequality that is and has been established. to bring together three people who might share similar views to address one person's view may be in conflict, is to me, an ambushed platform. if there had been made available to other panelist who are in fact speaking to the same issuses as the Dr., to address in their professional and personal perspectives that would stregthen,and/or even collaborate to possibly balance and offer equal opportunity for the issue that was being brought to discoussion, then maybe, it would not have been a panel where nothing productive had arised as to how to better the lives of African Americans.
How in any way did the what was being discussed bring about unification? how did this time taken to attack ones character have anything to dowith improving the status of the Black Americans families? I was listening for the intellectual properties of possible answers and educated perspectives on what theu all as a whole are doing to bring about unification, and improving what they all obviously felt very strong about, which is supposedly to be, the strengthening of the Black Americans families.
Black people who gets on a bus may still gravitate to back of the bus, by choice not force, and if today you'll look at how much harm not help integrating black children in white controlled educational institutions, and honestly converse with the passion that came together in my opinion, to attack instead of coming to practice the equality of freedom to approach blacks disparities from whatever directions each and everyone of those folks best qualified, for me, it eas all just another opportunity waisted.

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It's just so hard when you recognize the small as well as the major advancements for Black people,without being viewed as a sellout,butt kisser or coon. It's like you have to aim to underachieve to be acceptable in our community.

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