Instagram to Lure More Advertisers by Counting Video Views


By Victor Ochieng

The Facebook-owned Instagram, a popular photo sharing app, is slated to make another great social media makeover. This week, the company announced it’ll soon begin counting video views. This means users will readily see and compare the viewing trends of their contents. Before this was implemented, only “likes” have been displayed below the videos. The “likes” are soon getting replaced by number of views, according to a reliable Instagram blog post.

Instagram will only take into account, a viewing instant if the video is watched for more than three seconds. Facebook uses the same metrics to count video views. The company has expressed its plans to roll out innovative changes to the users in the next few weeks.

The company made an announcement in a blog post saying that from people viewing world’s great moments as they occur in real-time to browsing a brand’s latest shoe line, the global consumption of videos was on an acute rise. Instagram noted that the time people spent watching videos on the platform over the last six months has increased by more than 40%.

Instagram offers two distinctive popular video products. There is the Hyperlase which supports high-speed videos, and then the Boomerang, which stitches a series of photos into a flowing loop.

Counting video views is a great idea and will offer Instagram a better connection with advertisers since the figures clearly show the reach of a video advertisement.

Nielsen data on Facebook video campaigns demonstrates that 47% of the value in video outreach is imparted in the first three seconds, while the first ten seconds delivers nearly three quarters of the value.

Instagram’s move is probably the latest remake in the social media world. Twitter promised earlier in the week that it would implement a new algorithm to show tweets in chronological order.

In the following weeks, Twitter users will be able to turn on this feature from the settings console. When users log in to Twitter, they’ll be welcome by tweets that the algorithm believes suit the user’s desires. These will appear at the top of their timeline, running in reverse-chronological order down the length of the new timeline.

Twitters’ real-time stream will occupy the space below the favorites, also running in the same reverse-chronological order. This serves the users to keep abreast with real-time Twitter discussions.



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