Juanita Bynum had to buy her way out of her contract with Matthew Knowles


By Simi Afroza Mira

Juanita Bynum has been recording under the label Music World Gospel owned by Matthew Knowles for a while and has finally decided she needed to part ways. Matthew Knowles is the father of recording artist Beyonce. The now 56 year old televangelist has bought out her contract and is working on re-launching a solo career.

EEW Magazine was fortunate enough to speak with Bynum’s business manager and was told that the gospel singer, televangelist, actress, and author is getting ready to start recording a new solo album. This album will be her sixth album following behind A Piece of My Passion, Morning Glory, Volume One: Peace, Behind the Veil: Morning Glory II, and The Diary of Juanita Bynum II.

As of this time there is not a set date planned for the release of the new album that Bynum plans to title Worshipping Warrior Trilogy. According to business manager Pina, American Pentecostal televangelist Bynum has “decided this past year that no one and no corporate box would limit or diminish the vision and true essence of what God had given her to do.” It is the hope of Bynum through this production of this album that she is will find the way to start her own recording label and she has visions for a publishing company.

Juanita Bynum was born to parents Thomas and Kathryn Bynum in Chicago, Illinois on January 16, 1959. She is one of five children in the Bynum family and was married to husband Thomas Weeks from 2002 until 2008. Weeks was convicted of aggravated assault after he beat Bynum before their divorce.

She is the founder and the president of Juanita Bynum Ministries in Norcross, Georgia. She is a New York Times bestselling author and has 43 titles to her credit. Some of her books include, No More Sheets: Starting Over, No More Sheets: The Truth about Sex, and My Spiritual Inheritance: Walking in Your Destiny. She is one of the most sought after speakers and delivers messages that pack a punch. She is open about her life, struggles, and mistakes in all her speeches, books, and lectures. She gives credit to the mistakes for making her the person that she is today and to the person she strives to be.

She has visions of other business adventures that she plans to delve into in the future. Source


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