Malcolm X to Black People: Stop begging white people to give you jobs


In this video, Malcolm talks about black businesses and the thinking of black people. He says that various courtroom decisions are designed to “change the white man’s mind,” and convince others to treat black people fairly. But Malcolm flips the conversation on its head by effectively stating that it’s not a matter of getting someone else to change his mind or decide to give you the economic and social freedom that you deserve.

To Malcolm, what matters is whether you choose to change YOUR MIND. It is through your own decisions and determination that you will be able to create your own jobs and opportunities. It will be this rugged self-initiated effort that will allow us to build our own Financial Juneteenth. Let’s listen to Malcolm’s words carefully and put them into action. We’ve tried the other approach for the last 50 years, and it’s now time to try something else. Keep this in mind as you celebrate Black History Month.

Watch the video and please share thoughts. This is the wisdom you MUST share with your children.


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