Overcome Fear Of The Unknown And Realize Your Lifelong Dreams


By Victor Ochieng

If you’re in such a state, you better do something about it as soon as possible. Procrastination and hesitation eat so much of one’s time to the extent that several opportunities are lost.

In an article written by The BOSS Network Influencer Princilla Q. Williams, published on BlackEnterprise.COM, Williams says she made a decision to stop living a life of mediocrity and shared some tips that can help you get out of your comfort zone.

Trust Your Gut – In many cases, we come up with wonderful ideas only to end up abandoning them because someone has discouraged us. That shouldn’t be the case. If you’ve got an idea that you’ve fairly researched and believe it’s workable, it’s good to trust your intuition and move forward with its implementation. As long as your inner voice says “You can do it!” step out there and do it. In case you do it and fail, that’s just a learning experience, which is better than not trying at all.

Hang Around People Who Dream Big – The people you associate with influence so much on your life. If you stick around people who think small and have a closed mindset, you’re most likely going to end up the same way and your dreams and achievements will be limited to your minute dreams. Don’t hang around people who’re scared by your ideas. Instead, get people who can trust in your vision and be ready to invest in it, whether financially or in kind.

Be Ready to Work – If you listen to successful people, one thing that cuts across is that they started from mere ideas before they put real work into the ideas and eventually realized their dreams. Nothing happens overnight and challenges will definitely come along the way. Stopping because of such challenges only means that you’ll ultimately fail. Williams says when she started pursuing her dreams, she faced numerous challenges, but she totally refused to give up. Just like the Bible says, “faith without work is dead.”

So, if you want to realize your dreams, get up and do something about it now before it’s too late.



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