Rapper 50 Cent’s Multi-million Dollar Mansion in Africa is…a Big Lie


By Robert Stitt

Fifty had been trying to convince the judge that he was unable to pay back nearly $36 million in debt since he was “broke”. Of course, “broke” is relative. Apparently, in the hip-hop world broke means having a monthly income of a mere $184,000, with $44 million in businesses, a couple hundred thousand dollars in household goods, jewelry, and clothing, and another $10 million in the bank.

Court-appointed appraisers found that Fifty had over $64 million in assets but only owed $36 million. They didn’t find any reason he couldn’t pay. The judge was curious about this as well.

The rap icon is now trying to explain the hip-hop world and lifestyle to the judge. He says it is all about appearances. People expect him to have loads of cash, so he posts pictures of himself surrounded by piles of money. The piles, he now claims, are all fake. They expect him to have mansions around the world, so he gives them what they want, even if the mansions are not technically his. In other words, he says he lied about having cash and owning mansions in Africa or anywhere else.

According to Bossip, “50’s trying to prove to creditors he’s not hiding assets … claiming he only makes it appear his lifestyle is super lavish in order to ‘move the needle’ for fans who idolize that ’50 Cent’ persona.”

Even if he never had a home in Africa and his stacks of cash are fake, it still doesn’t explain the verified assets found by the appraisers – over $60 million worth. He may be able to work the smoke and mirrors to convince the judge that the stacks of cash aren’t real and he never had keys to the mansion, but discounting the court’s appraisers, now that will be a really big challenge.



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