Rapper Snoop Dogg Wants You to Sell Any Stock Tied to the Gun Industry


Reported by Ryan Brennan

In hopes to spread his anti-gun violence message, Snoop Dogg has linked up with a couple different organizations, including ‘Unload Your 401K,’ ‘Campaign to Unload,’ ‘States United to Prevent Gun Violence,’ and ‘No Guns Allowed.’

Snoop Dogg is encouraging citizens to stop the problem at its roots. He is asking the nearly 52 million people with 401k’s to pressure their financial company to sell any and all stocks related to the gun industry. With the huge gun lobby in Washington being primarily run from those stocks, Snoop believes getting rid of those cash cows could be the kryptonite people have been looking for.

In an interview with Black Enterprise (BE), Snoop Dogg explained his movement:

“I’ve been involved in the movement to stop gun violence for a while now and was happy to lend my voice to another cause fighting this same fight. I’m tired of seeing our communities and loved ones die from senseless gun violence.”

In addition to Snoop Dogg, who formerly championed gun violence in his old songs, there are other famous people joining the fight. Such names include Ron Conway (Silicon Valley angel investor), Bobby Wagner (Seattle Seahawks), Matt Barnes (Los Angeles Clippers), Margot Bingham (actress and singer), Aloe Blacc (singer, songwriter and proucer), Jhene Aiko (singer and songwriter), and Dr. Rob Baker (League of Young Voters’ Executive Director).

As of February 2015, there are only three main companies in the gun industry within the United States that had nearly $3 trillion of investment money from mutual funds. These companies are Smith & Wesson (SWHC), Sturm Ruger (RGR) and Olin (OLN).

Dr. Rob Biko, Director of the League of Young Voters, chipped in his two cents on the subject:

“Greedy gun corporations are benefiting from the pain in our community. It’s important that we vote with our money.”

Snoop Dogg also feels like he can be of huge help to citizens of the black community that struggle with the financial aspect of their lives. In a survey conducted by Ariel Mutual Funds and the Charles Schwab Corporation, the results showed that, on average, blacks who are aged 42 have saved only $11,000 for retirement. On the other hand, whites of the same age have saved an average of $48,000.

Snoop Dogg and the rest of the ‘#ImUnloading’ crew hope to make big impacts in the community.



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