15-Year-Old Teen Launches Investment Firm, Writes Two Books


With this in mind, it’s refreshing to hear about youngsters who have that get up and go spirit and push themselves onto higher achievement.

One such teenager is Warren Cassell Jr., from the Caribbean Island of Montserrat, who has achieved great success in his business of investing, entrepreneurship, and graphic designing all before he even graduates from high school.

The 15-year-old budding entrepreneur first started his Island business at the tender age of eight. He supplied greeting cards to customers, the whole process of which, including the graphic designs, he did all by himself. The only help along the way for his business was a small capital outlay from his parents to get him started. He became successful and attained international customers.

After his success in the greeting card company, young Warren turned his hand to making investments in hedge funds, private equity, and real estate, all by the time he had reached the age of 13. His company, the Abella Group, now has around 50 to 60 clients worldwide for whom he designs and maintains websites.

Warren is now in the middle of shooting the first season of his own Web series titled, “Teen Tycoon,” in which he aims to show young natives of his Caribbean Island how to succeed in business and become the future tycoons of the world.

The successful young tycoon has also written two books, “The Farm of Wisdom: 25 Unforgettable Tales That Will Ignite a Wiser You” and “Swim or Drown: Business and Life Lessons I’ve Learned from the Ocean.”

Warren believes that one of the most inspiring lessons he has learned in life came from the sun. He adds that just as one should embrace the sunshine, we should also embrace the positive things in life.

According to Warren you can learn business techniques by studying nature. “If you look at plants — I think when I was in sixth grade, when I learned photosynthesis, and that is how plants actually make their food — if you block sunlight from a plant, it’s going to move around and try to find a source of energy and a source of light to grow,” he adds.



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