8 black women get PhDs in Indiana U school of ed at the same time


Indiana is a state that is known for its historical racism. It was once known as a hotbed for KKK activity, putting itself among the nation’s leaders in many forms of racial terrorism. Indiana University, being the flagship campus of the state, has long has to fight this public perception and continues to fight it till this day.

A recent facebook “rant” by a woman named Jasmine Marie, set to earn her doctorate this year, has gotten a great deal of attention. According to Jasmine, the IU school of education is about to graduate 8 black women from it’s PhD program at the same time, a feat that is unprecedented in the history of the university.

According to Jasmine, the Director of Communications in the School of Education feels that this is a non-story. So basically, leadership in the school believe that 8 black women graduating with PhDs at the same time is really not that big of a deal, but we’re sure they celebrate their white men on a regular basis.

Read more of what she had to say:

I don’t ever rant on Facebook, but I just cannot contain myself. As a result of encouragement from my dissertation chair/IU’s executive associate dean and the associate dean, I contacted our school’s director of communications about writing a story. Why you ask? For the first time in history EIGHT Black women will be graduating from the School of Education with PhDs. EIGHT. At.the.same.damn.time. Six of us did all of this while also m(other)ing (two as single mothers and one as a military wife). One is a former foster child. Seven of us are the first in our families to receive doctoral degrees. ALL of us have overcome overwhelming odds. The response I received from communications was: “I’m not sure there’s a story here.” This is THE precise reason we need a story. What is \this* you ask? The unconscious, embedded, implicit systematic racism and the continual erasure and devaluation of Black women’s voices and experiences from history, journalism, and education. They messin’ with the wrong one. End rant. ‪#‎RacialMicroaggressions‬ ‪#‎GenderMicroaggressions‬‪#‎Blackgirlswalk‬‪#‎Blackgirlmagic‬‪#‎AllMyLifeIveHadToFight‬ ‪#‎PhinisheD‬


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