Andre Hatchett: Black people must invest in their own neighborhoods


A sneak peak at episode 1 of Declassified Agenda, that centers arounds black people and gentrification.


Gentrification is booting poor people out of their communities so that mostly white urban professionals are able to own that same real estate. You might not necessarily be able to stop the money flow from happening, but you can certainly take advantage of good investment opportunities before they arise for others.

Here are some of the words from Mr. Hatchett, who is the founder of You can also watch him in the video below:

If you hear hood in the neighborhood, you think of how I can own piece of this neighborhood. Hood means investment, hood means potential, hood means undervalued. When you hear these words don’t run from it, run towards it. I hear stories from countless amounts of people who once said “oh, If I would have bought, if I would have known it, If I would have saw the vision. I would have bought so many properties, I would have done this, and I would have done that.” We are gonna be forced to rent long term in every major cities across America. Period, there is no other way to put it. We have to be proactive if we want any piece of the pie. Declassification is black power, once we make it black power, we quantify – we own it, we have the power. We control what was on the community, we’re not yelling he – she, they did this – is. We’re gonna do this and here’s how we’re gonna do it.


Investing in your future