Business Consultants Say a 15-25 Percent Return On Investment Is Typical In Africa

Business Consultants Explain the Importance of Investing In Africa
Business Consultants Explain the Importance of Investing In Africa's Maria Lloyd and Business Consultants Dr. Harnet Bokrezion and John-Paul Iwuoha discuss why the African Diaspora should (urgently) i...


In this interview, I spoke with two African business consultants and entrepreneurs — one from Nigeria and the other from Eritrea — who’ve closely watched a wave of entrepreneurship pick up on the beautiful continent. While investments in a Certificate of Deposit, for example, have become what some are calling a “criminally low” interest rate of 1%, certain investments in African nations are yielding 15-25% ROI (return on investment), according to business consultants Dr. Harnet Bokrezion and John-Paul Iwuoha.
Check out our interview below and also check out their book titled 101 Ways to Make Money in Africa to learn more.

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I would love to invest more into our African nations but I'm currently trying to get a hold of my current investments right now. Lol. I am definitely interested in looking into this later though. I do want to see Africa prosper though..

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