Business Consultants Say a 15-25 Percent Return On Investment Is Typical In Africa

In this interview, I spoke with two African business consultants and entrepreneurs — one from Nigeria and the other from Eritrea — who’ve closely watched a wave of entrepreneurship pick up on the beautiful continent. While investments in a Certificate of Deposit, for example, have become what some are calling a “criminally low” interest rate of 1%, certain investments in African nations are yielding 15-25% ROI (return on investment), according to business consultants Dr. Harnet Bokrezion and John-Paul Iwuoha.
Check out our interview below and also check out their book titled 101 Ways to Make Money in Africa to learn more.

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I would love to invest more into our African nations but I'm currently trying to get a hold of my current investments right now. Lol. I am definitely interested in looking into this later though. I do want to see Africa prosper though..