Did You Know Prince Made A Significant Investment 8-Months Prior To His Death?


The house, located at 3420 Snelling Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was purchased for the artist through his company, NPG Music Publishing. The house was sold for $117,000, seven thousand dollars more than the owner was asking, according to the Star Tribune.
The residence was listed with Coldwell Banker Burnet. The agent, Deborah Larson, said she did not take the phone call to purchase the property seriously at first. She noted that when the house went on the market a year prior, she got a number of bogus calls from fans. So, when yet another call came in to buy the house sight-unseen, she did not put much faith in the sale, even though they offered to pay in full up front.
When she got a call back a few hours later from NPG Music Publishing and all of the steps for purchase had been taken, she understood what was going on. It was then she realized that Prince was buying the property that was behind his launch to stardom.
Larson said that she does not believe the purchase was something that was thought out, but it was more of a spur of the moment buy. “They really didn’t have a plan,” she told NBC news. “Their thing was they saw it on social media, they got wind of it, and probably wanted to secure it as fast as possible to decide what to do later.”
The Daily Mail reports that the house was originally built in 1913 and required numerous repairs. Prince never actually lived in the house but remained at his exclusive Paisley Park estate about 20 miles away in Chanhassen.

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Prince did a lot of these things on the hush.

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