Did You Know There Are Over 300 Scholarships Ready For The Taking?


By Ryan Velez

As we’ve covered many times, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to a college education. There is a wide gap in earning power and job availability depending on the path you choose as well as the type of school you go to. This isn’t even including leveraging your time in school with networking and internships to make you a more appealing candidate. Part of the reason why these are so important is because the cost of an education is starting to grow. People of color and other minorities often have to further struggle due to often coming from less but still paying the same prices. BlackNews is trying to help people shorten the gap by pointing out the several scholarships available for people of color and women looking for a higher education.

Part of doing this is using resources that may not always be pointed out at first. A good example is ScholarshipsOnline.org, a free online directory of scholarships and other sources of financial aid. Among the over 1,000 scholarship listings on the site, there are roughly 300 available specifically for minorities and women.

Some of the minority/diversity scholarships listed on their website include: Jay-Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship, the Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship For African American Students, the Gates Scholarship For Minorities, the NBNA Scholarship Program For Black Nurses, the Apple HBCU Scholarship Program, and the PepsiCo Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship Fund.

Some of the women scholarships listed on their web site include: The Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund For Low Income Women, Beyonce’s Formation Scholars Program, the Microsoft Research Women’s Fellowship, Rihanna’s Global Scholarship Program, the Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarships For Women, and the Miss America Scholarship Fund.

Wondering what you need to get started? There will always be different requirements for each scholarship, but all of the ones mentioned are free to apply for. Note that an application, essay and or letter of/recommendation will be required. One thing that’s important to note is that on top of these scholarships, which are among the most prominent, there are also thousands of smaller scholarships, generally targeting specific sets of people or areas of study. By doing your research, you may be able to pile up large amounts of scholarship money, making a real dent in your college costs. In fact, there are some stories of people paying the majority of their tuition this way, but this requires a lot of hard work, academic achievement, and time to find the appropriate scholarships



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