Dr Boyce Watkins: If you want your child to be an economic slave, here’s EXACTLY what you can do


Don’t teach him to save, invest, start a business or own a business, since the slavery works best when he lives paycheck-to-paycheck. Also, encourage him to go deep into debt either with massive student loans or credit card debt.

Finally, make sure he has a sincere lack of hope. Teach him that being a black man with a low wage means that he doesn’t save because he is simply unable to do so. Let him know that it’s a waste of time to plan for the future, that it’s impossible for most people to run a business, and that investing is only something that can be done by wealthy people. Even if you see him buying expensive sneakers, paying child support for a gang of kids, throwing his money up at the club and wearing $100 shirts, remind him that it’s impossible for him to improve his economic condition, especially without Hillary Clinton in the White House.

At that point, he will be fully indoctrinated into American capitalist slavery. The economic engine of wealthy people will run efficiently, and your child will be the gasoline.

This is the blueprint for slavery. Pass it on.

Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and founder of The Black Business School. To learn more, please visit BlackFinancialLiteracy.com



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