Dr Boyce Watkins: What wealthy people know that most people do not


Most people don’t realize that wealthy people tend to follow a consistent accumulation process to become millionaires. So, rather than spending $10,000 on fast food over the course of a decade, they are putting that same $10,000 in their investment portfolio. Also, because that money is growing instead of dying, that $10,000 easily become $50,000. So, those who stay struggling are doing these things wrong: 1) Not putting your money in places where it is going to grow 2) Not including an investment/savings component to your weekly spending. So, rather than accumulating wealth, you’re accumulating receipts.This causes (what I tell my students) “financial leakage,” where your money is going out the window instead of solidifying into long-term capital. You also zap the potential of your money when you spend it instead of putting it someplace where it is able to grow (letting your money grow is what we call “financial fertility.”). You won’t hear these terms in business schools because they are the result of frameworks of economic learning that I’ve developed specifically to address issues in the African American community. The sad truth is that many of our financial problems result from both leakage and a lack of fertility, which are both results of the white supremacist efforts to keep black people financially illiterate. Those who understand the concepts of leakage and fertility at an early age tend to have more wealth than those who do not. For many Americans, it’s not about how much money you have, it’s whether you allow your current money to be turned into more money or if you give it all away to those who will invest on their own behalf. To summarize, your money should be fertile, targeted and utilized in an intelligent fashion. Corporations and the government clearly want you to do the exact opposite. Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and founder of The Black Business School. To learn more, please visit TheBlackWealthBootcamp.com. Get a 30-day free trial by visiting this link.



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