Dr. Samori Swygert 11 Hypocrisies That Prove the 'American Dream' Is Dying


by Dr. Samori Swygert

There are some harsh realities that the citizenry should address. We embrace feel-good rhetoric that America is a giant beacon of morality and equal opportunity. Our talk is incongruent with our actions.

The natives are growing restless each passing day. We’re seeing blatant inconsistencies, double standards, and selective application of law and authority. I just want to touch on some hypocrisies really quick.

++The Children are our future++

Education is one of the major keys that map out a future for people. Despite the importance that we claim education plays, we are seeing schools all across the country being closed and defunded. This is especially prevalent in urban inner-city areas. We’re witnessing the dismantling of our HBCUs through governmental policies and decisions. We see the inequitable distribution of educational resources and teachers from district to district, but expect all youth to perform at a national standard.

++A Country of Free Speech++

We’ve been told that this is a country of free speech. However, we see the prosecution and punishment of whistleblowers that have a moral conscious to alert citizens of the infringement of their civil liberties. We see, read, and learn of plots and assassinations of leaders that strive to uplift, empower, and enlighten their fellow citizens.

++This is a Democracy++

America only uses the title but doesn’t practice the lifestyle. We are no longer a democracy. Our government masquerades behind the pageantry and formalities of a democracy. The country is truly ran by corporations and strong lobbyists. They pamper and woo politicians to acquiesce to their financial interests, yet the politicians are “elected” by the people through a democratic process. Currently, the politicians don’t answer to the people, only corporations, lobbyists, and special interest groups. We’ve evolved into an elite oligarchy.

++Be fit and healthy++

We’re told to be fit and healthy. Eat nutritious foods and exercise. However, we’ve allowed the Agribusiness compromise our food supply. We don’t require food companies to disclose if they use GMO products. This removes the consumer’s right to make an informed decision on how to manage their health by what they put in their bodies. We’ve got pesticides by major Agribusiness companies that are converting male species of amphibians to females. We also have pesticides that are reducing human sperm counts. They say GMO is natural, but yet they have to register their seeds with a patent. Why?

++This administration will run on a policy of “transparency”++

There is no transparency. Recently the Freedom of information Act has undergone new restrictions. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) remains a mystery to the American public. The Surveillance state and all the data-collecting processes have gone completely out of control. There is no transparency.

++The War on Terror++

Americans have heard the phrase: “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” However, the KKK, Skinheads, and Neo Nazis have gone around terrorizing various races and ethnic groups for decades, but there has been no vigilant outright effort to hunt them down, prosecute, and imprison them like the various groups in the Middle East. Why? America claims to be partners with Israel but we’ve permitted Hitler’s Nazis to reside in the U.S., employ them, and keep them financially subsidized with American taxpayer’s money. So are we funding terrorism ourselves?

++We don’t support Bullying++

We are constantly bombarded with TV ads, TV specials, and some sad story about school bullies, office bullies, cyber bullies, and the detrimental effect it has on people. We’re at the point that it’s against the law. However, we go to foreign countries and tell them they can’t have weapons like we have, we send weapons inspectors on sovereign soil and demand countries to prove they don’t have equal or superior weaponry. When countries refuse, we place sanctions, and trade embargoes on them for “non-compliance.” We send in contract mercenaries like the Blackwater personnel that just got charged for killing innocent civilians overseas. We establish drone bases all over other countries’ soil, but no country has yet to send in inspectors to America or construct drone bases on American soil. Is that not bullying?

++Peek-A-Boo I see you++

We’ve established the state-of-the-art surveillance state. Wherever you turn, there are video cameras, traffic cameras, mall cameras, parking lot cameras, school cameras, bus and train cameras, restaurant cameras, drone cameras, and citywide camera networks that see everything. Every American is on record in the interest of public safety and national security and intelligence. However, we have legislators pushing for laws that make it illegal to film cops and protect authorities from releasing video footage they have when engaging citizens in patrol stops. Why does video coverage stop there? You can film us all day, but we can’t film you, and authorities don’t have to release their footage?

++Evolving on the LGBT issue++

America has embraced many facets of the LGBT concerns from marriage to end-of-life issues. The slightest innocent slip of the tongue will brand you a homophobe, and you’ll incur one of the most ferocious tongue lashing from the POTUS and GLAAD. The President Obama even chastises African nations on their social customs about homosexuality. However, the LGBT community should be up in arms because America readily supports and partners with the Saudis that imprison/flog/and stone homosexuals under Sharia Law. Yet, you don’t hear that same rhetoric toward the Saudis from U.S. Presidents. Why is that?

++There’s a war on drugs++

We’re constantly reminded of being “tough” on this war on drugs. However, we have the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) making deals with Colombian drug cartels in exchange for prοstitutes and other carnal amenities and favors. There’s a war on drugs, but according to the Huffington Post and Bloomberg Business, Bank of America, Western Union, JP Morgan, HSBC, and Wells Fargo were all involved in laundering drug cartel money. Nobody has gone to jail for that, but citizens with 1 gram of crack cocaine have done 20 years in jail. Why is that?

++African Radicals must be taken down++

Almost daily, there are reports on Boko Haram, Al Shabab, and other “radical militants” in Africa. America has committed to taking these groups down. However, we have to rely on foreign news sources that there are thousands of White Supremacists in South Africa training to commit genocide of Black Africans, and America is mute about that. Why is that? Can we be consistent and not selective?

I’m about to sip some tea with Kermit real quick. I’ll holla back.



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