Hip-Hop Mogul Brian ‘Peanut’ Brown Is Allegedly One Of The Biggest Heroin Dealers In The Midwest


He managed to make the most of his freedom, becoming a true hip-hop mogul and even putting together a self-help book: Living For The Sacrifice: A Hood Hero’s Guide To Success. A recent Celebrity Net Worth article points out that there may be a sinister side to Brown’s explosive success.

Currently, Brian Brown is under investigation for various drug related crimes. This is far from small-scale possession for personal use though. Court documents allege that he is one of the largest heroin dealers in the Midwest and that his record company, BMB Records, is a simple front to launder drug money. This news has been revealed after the government temporarily unsealed a federal search warrant affidavit, according to The Detroit News.

BMB Records was formed in 2013, two years after the end of his 10-year sentence for a federal cocaine conspiracy conviction, and only 7 months after police raided his Detroit home and seized 1 kilo of heroin, three guns, $2,365 and three motorcycles. BMB is the home to artists like Ray J, Bre-Z, and Charli Baltimore.

Additionally, Brown is allegedly responsible for selling heroin laced with fentanyl, a synthetic pain medication. The authorities also believe that they have cause to raid his multiple homes due to the fact that he has allegedly secured millions in drug profits. Statements from the DEA shows that they have seized at least one kilo of fentanyl over the course of the investigation into Brown’s alleged operation. Fentanyl is currently at the heart of one of the biggest addiction crises in the country. It is believed that his drug ring would be responsible for the distribution of over 440 pounds of drugs across the U.S., which has led to big profits for the mogul.

However, even with potential evidence piling up, it isn’t entirely clear if the authorities have enough of it to file charges against Brown. At the moment, he is still free after a federal judge refused to revoke his bond on a related case.



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