How To Earn And Retain Respect In The Workplace


By Victor Ochieng

For one to succeed and draw satisfaction at the workplace, respect is key. According to an April 2016 research report released by the Society for Human Resource Management, treating employees with respect has enormous contribution to job satisfaction.

At the workplace, accountability cuts across, meaning both employees and the employer must be accountable. Every individual has the responsibility of handling themselves in a manner that earns them respect.

So, what can you do to earn respect in the workplace?

Let’s use Aretha Franklin-style to highlight how one can build respectful relationships at the workplace as a way to get job satisfaction and develop an admirable winning brand.

R-Remember, attitude plays a role – One of the most important things is being thoughtful of how you view people and situations. Instead of having a negative view of everything, how about changing your attitude to see the positive side of things?

E-Establish credibility – To create credibility, your words and actions must be authentic. People tend to respect individuals who follow through to accomplish their verbal commitments through actions.

S-Self assess on a regular basis – You can’t earn respect in the workplace if you’re not self-aware. By being constantly aware of your words and actions, you learn to take responsibility for your actions and how they contribute, negatively or positively, towards realizing the organization’s goals. This can be achieved by self-assessing your actions and their impacts on a regular basis.

P-Prepare for success – Your personal success at the workplace shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. This is because you should work towards it and prepare. To achieve this, you need to understand the organization’s goals and your responsibilities towards achieving such goals. At the same time, it’s important to align yourself with like-minded people and projects that keep you on your desired path to success.

E-Engage with workmates – It’s not enough to show up at work, perform your tasks and leave. Instead, you should engage colleagues and the management team so you understand growth opportunities. These could be anything from connecting with co-workers, volunteering in projects, taking part in community services or joining work related committees.

C-Communicate well – When it comes to communication, give your best. Be mindful of your audience so you can use the right words and body language. This is to ensure that the message you’re putting across is delivered as required.

T-Think strategically – As you set on a path to earning respect in the workplace, stay prepared for opportunities, barriers or challenges that can come your way. This helps you strategically navigate your path to success.



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