By Ryan Velez

Success is a difficult thing to quantify, as no one thing can get you there, but any one thing can hold you back. For example, you can have the passion, but without the skills or organization, you can’t turn your passion into something concrete. Sometimes, you have all three of these things, but poor luck impedes your progress. Not all of these things are within your control, but many things are, including your mindset. Have you ever had an opportunity in educational, business, or personal success that you’ve talked yourself out of? Black Enterprise has recently put an article covering the way you can handle some of the most common excuses that hold people back from success.

One major issue that can easily slide into an excuse is not having enough time. Yes, managing the many different facets of your life can be difficult, especially if you’re taking on extra responsibility like trying to get a business of your own off the ground. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just stop doing things out of fear that your schedule will not allow for it. Instead of saying “I don’t have the time,” complete the sentence with “because (fill in the blank)______________ is not a priority. Find ways of making the time that you need by reshuffling your priorities. Sometimes just getting up an hour earlier and using the time wisely can do a lot to make your goals happen.

Another thing that can hitch your plans is saying that you need “clarity” before getting started. However, according to motivational speaker and life coach Marie Forleo, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” Think about the things you can do to get that clarity, whether it’s creating a written plan, changing your approach, or getting help from a career coach.

One common mistake is worrying that too many other people or businesses are doing what you have planned. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do things to stand out in a crowded market thought. People buy into people as much as they buy into ideas. Think about a way to incorporate your point of view, disrupt the market that you’re planning on getting into, or making your product or service more convenient for people.



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