How To Turn Monday Into The Best Day Of The Week


By Ryan Velez

Yes, yes, you hate Mondays. Most people do. This may not be just a pop-culture creation, though, as some note that there may be a scientific reason here. For example, scientists note that people actually get to sleep in on the weekends, disrupting sleep patterns.

However, there are many things that you can do to try and handle the issues that seem to arise on Mondays. Considering that this is the most likely day of the week to have a stroke or heart attack, there’s all the more reason to do what you can to make it easier for yourself.

One thing you can do is start with some preparation. Monday may start your work day, but this doesn’t mean you want to delay everything for that day. For example, little things like filling up your gas tank or adding funds to your mass transit card the day before may be able to make things a little better for yourself. By the same token, you can iron or lay your clothes out the day before to try and cut down the amount of steps in your Monday morning routine. Preparing some of your favorite snacks to eat during the week may not be a bad idea as well.

Another thing you want to do is try and set a peaceful and calming stage for your Monday mornings. For example, try to load up iTunes or Spotify with a Monday playlist that will get your ready for work and pump you up for the week ahead. If you use some sort of technology to try and wake you up in the morning, like Alexa or your cellphone, try to use a calming tune or sound to not be so jarring when you wake up.

As mentioned before, the sudden shift in sleep schedule that people have from the weekend to Mondays is part of the reason why some people have so much trouble at the start of their week. As a result, try to do everything you can on Sunday night to get a good night’s sleep. About 30 minutes before you turn in, shut off the TV and stop using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The light from the screens has been found to suppress melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle.



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