How You Can Leverage the Power of Social Media Tools to Become a Smart Investor


As a business person, you need to get more knowledge of social media; the tools it provides and how you can make use of them in your business.
Brian D. Egger, author of Social Media Strategies for Investing, says that while many people look at social media as platforms for gossip, fun, and sharing of senseless photos, it presents a powerful source of new investment information that can help you build your business.
It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out which social media tools are best suited for your business.
Egger, who’s also the founder of, recommends the following;
This is a very powerful tool that allows you to include a dollar symbol after a company’s stock symbol thus allowing you run faster financial search on any given firm. It allows you to select the specific accounts you intend to follow, which is available on the platform’s main screen. You can also filter tweets by adding an @ symbol in before a Twitter address. To follow a given Twitter feed, all you need to do is to click on the “Follow” button.
Using financial blogs
Financial blogs are a great platform for people to comment on and share articles that can help one in making investment decision. Some blogs such as Seeking Alpha,, Zero Hedge, and Reformer Broker, are very important for someone who would like to get some extra information on investment and performance of diverse companies. For example, by following Seeking Alpha, you get opinions of some professional investors and research from diverse entities. At the same time, it gives you the option to subscribe so that you receive regular stock alerts, conference call transcripts, and exchange-traded fund (ETF).
Just to reflect back, it’s important to note that around 60% of financial bloggers prefer Twitter as their social media platform.
RichSite Summaries or Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
If you want to receive broken down information about different reputable financial websites, simply subscribe. Some of these are free and provide quite invaluable information for investors. With an RSS, you can filter the content, order them alphabetically, and aggregate information in a desired place.
Crowdsourcing websites
Information about diverse stocks and what the public thinks about them is very important. This you can easily get from websites such as Daily Finance, Sum Zero and Estimize. From these sites, you also get information about what can help boost share prices.
InternetFinancial Sites
Some of the websites that provide you with financial information about different companies are Morningstar, Daily Finance, Yahoo Finance, and Google Finance. They help you understand the performance of different companies and provide you with great tools for financial analysis.
For you to grow your business, you have to fully understand social media and fully comprehend the tools.

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