Important Life Lessons To Learn From Diana Ross


By Victor Ochieng

At the finale of the American Music Awards where Diana Ross and family gave a moving show, more people now wish they too were Ross' relative, or maybe received an invitation to the Thanksgiving dinner. In their three-hour live show, Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross played the host, with the show giving a clear account of senior Ross' designer costumes that stem from decades ago and more.

The show was attended by the extended Ross family and one thing came out clearly - the 73-year-old matriarch remains the gravity that pulls the family together.

Looking at Ross' life and listening to some of the things being said about her, there are indeed many things we can learn from her. Below are just a few:

Always Keep Time

Keeping time is Diana Ross, for sure. She always ensures that whenever she has an appointment, she organizes herself so that she's available for the appointment early enough. “My mother is annoyingly always on time, and 'on time' means 15 minutes early, at least. 'Dinner at 6' means we’re eating at 5.”

Work Hard and Do Things by Yourself

While many people love being the boss, Ross enjoys doing things by herself. She tries as much as possible to attend to the things she can attend to without having to involve other people. If she has to delegate, it has to be because it's something beyond her skills or she's indeed engaged in some other important things. "My mom has an extraordinary work ethic and an incredible business sense. She doesn’t have hundreds of people running around; she handles it all."

Make Time For Important Things; Family Always One Of Them

Many people spend a lot of time doing things that are either not important or not the most important. One of the biggest failures of many parents is never making time for their families. Some parents spend most of their time on work-related issues, ending up not spending quality time with their family members. "My mom did not let anything drop with her kids—and she has FIVE kids. I never heard my mom say, 'Not now, I don’t have time,' or 'I can’t now, I’m going on stage.'"

You Can Have It All, But Not Perfect

We're always told that you have to be ready to choose between one thing or the other; that you can't have both. But that's not how Ross looks at things. “Her example showed me that you can be an extraordinary mom and have an extraordinary career. People say all the time you have to choose. Sure, certain things fall here and there but, I’m sorry, my mother did not choose.” And at the end of it all, she remained exemplary in all she did.

Be Happy

There is no better medicine than finding joy in your life. Regardless of life challenges, it's good to always be happy. “My mom always looks like she swallowed the sun. If you’ve experienced her on stage, somehow you feel like she’s singing right to you and for you. It feels like her light turns your light on. As her child, it’s the same—only better, bigger, fuller, wider, deeper, delicious.”



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