Jobs Where African-Americans Are Pulling Six-Figure Salaries


By Ryan Velez

Financial struggle has been accepted as a part of the Black experience, but with proper preparation and planning, Black people can find positions that will allow them to live comfortably, perhaps even a level above that. Comparably, a website that provides comprehensive information on compensation, salaries, and company culture, across all industries, recently shared a report that included data on jobs where African-Americans, on average, pull in six-figure salaries. It’s easy to fall back on the stereotypes of actors, musicians, or athletes. Black Enterprise has shared some of the jobs where Black people are earning big. As of right now, here is the full list of job titles:

Architect – $116,486

DevOps – $108,058

Director of Marketing – $128,160

Director of Product – $159,707

IT Manager – $100,320

Lead Engineer – $128,424

Product Manager – $116,016

Sales Engineer – $134,995

While this shows great opportunity, there are also some major issues exposed by the data. Namely, if we compare what Black employees earn in these positions, other ethnicities are winning out, sometimes by a sizable amount. For example, in comparison to the $100,320 your average Black IT manager makes, a white IT manager averages $108,982 and a Hispanic averages $104,703 in the same position. It is Asians who actually bring in the largest salaries across the board, with an Asian IT manager averaging $125,746.

The data in the report also offers some interesting insight on gender and location. For the most part, San Francisco is where you want to go to make the most money, but considering the massive cost of living in this area, one would have to wonder who actually gets to use the most of their salary at the end of the day. There are some exceptions, though. Developers and directors of product earn more in Seattle and sales engineers earn more in New York City. Of course, these areas also carry a heavy price tag, so it would appear that you have to pay big to buy into these tech hotbeds. Interestingly enough, women actually out-earn men in two of the tech positions on this list: as developers at an average of $103,176 for women versus $102,360 for men; and as IT managers at an average of $113,029 versus $110,815 for men.



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