Money Saving Tools Suitable For Small Businesses


By Victor Ochieng

A number of these tools and platforms can be accessed online at no fee yet they provide a great way to transform money management for the better.

Bonnie Halper, founder of Five Point Networks and Startup One Stop, shared her list of some of the small business tools and platforms that small businesses can take advantage of to enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Below are some of them:

Asana – This is a task and workflow management app that makes it possible for teams to work more productively. The app makes it easier for users to identify tasks to be completed. Just recently, the app, which was created by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and early days Facebook employee Justin Rosenstein, introduced an interface that shows users what to do and how to do it.

Shufflrr – This is a powerful tool for managing marketing business tasks. It helps in the automation of the creation update, and distribution of marketing resources. With the app’s “Presentation Manager,” users can easily present marketing information in a logical and compliant manner. The company recently partnered with TransPerfect in a bid to bring about localization of the user’s messaging globally.

Saleswhale – It automates outward bound resources for the sales team and helps in the management and coaching of the business’ sales development process. The tool can be used to implement a professional sales communication process, including setting up emailing, tracking targets and managing different accounts and leads. It can also be used for monitoring and analyzing of the habits of sales representatives. Its ability to generate actionable feedback can also help users to make the business more efficient.

DueCourse – This is an invoice financing service. This cloud-based tool can help a business in unlocking the resources that are tied in unpaid accounts, by allowing users to selectively, securely and confidentially follow up on invoices.

Infusionsoft – This is a collection of tools that help in the accomplishment of different business activities, including marketing automation, as well as e-commerce and payment solutions thus enabling the business to capture more leads, raise conversion, and efficiently manage the sales process. In a bid to make it easier for small businesses to raise their sales, the company recently released an integrated solution, “Infusion Payments,” which allows users to accept credit card payments.



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