New App Game Lets People Support Black Colleges While They Play


By Ryan Velez

If you’re looking to pass time during the holiday season, you’re likely going to be messing around with your phone to some degree. Black Enterprise has a suggestion for your gaming needs: Tip-Off, an app-based word guessing game that lets you raise funds for HBCU scholarships while you play.

“TipOff is a multiplayer game which can be played in-person or remotely,” says Founder Astin Hayes, who came up with the idea. “Users will divide into teams and enter a game room code to take turns, TIPping each other off to the keyword without saying any of the five words listed on the card. Each team member will have a turn as the ‘Player’ and as the ‘Hater.’ The player describes the keyword while the hater guards the player on each card to make sure they do not violate the rules.”

Says Co-founder Amanda Spann, “The cards in the game rotate to each player’s phone, which allows for the game to be played in-person or remotely over video chat. Users can also customize the game by selecting from an assortment of free and paid word categories, of which the proceeds of many benefit STEM nonprofits and HBCU scholarship endowments.” This marks the fifth product from the startup app studio, Happli.

“The object of the game is for a team to accrue the greatest number of points by guessing each keyword correctly without saying any of the ‘blacklisted’ words on the card. Points are earned when a player’s description enables their teammates to guess the keyword correctly. Points are deducted when cards are passed or a word on the card is used. It’s similar to Taboo but for you,” Hayes says.

Don’t feel that you need to be at an HBCU or have gone to one to get in on the fun, though. “The game celebrates the black experience and those who appreciate it,” Hayes says. “The game is not only a lot of fun but a great learning opportunity. We’ve included several historical figures, influencers, and references in each of the word packs. We encourage people from all walks of life to try it.”

Spann concurs. “We decided to launch the HBCU series because HBCUs play a critical part in moving the pulse of black culture. We wanted to recognize, honor, and pay homage to these institutions, their legacies, and their contributions to our communities. We hope to offer an HBCU scholarship pack for each school as well as an assortment of other interesting packs over the next few months.”


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The object of the game is for a team to accrue the greatest number of points ( by guessing each keyword correctly without saying any of the ‘blacklisted’ words on the card

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