Think about it for a moment – a lazy and unproductive employee is a liability to a thriving company.

CEOs have a lot on their plate. Not only do they have to make sure the company is making a profit, they have to deal with customers and employees. That’s not to mention the day-to-day operations. Let’s face it – a CEO can never slack up in their responsibilities.

While employees hold their CEOs accountable for their performance, the same goes true for CEOs. However, too many people are terminated by CEOs for failing to live up to company protocol.

In an article in Fashion Beans, here is a list of reasons why CEOs fire employees.

  1. Treating Sick Time As Extra Vacation Time. “If you make a habit out of calling in sick every time you need a break, you should probably spend your ill-gotten days off cruising the classifieds.” In other words, stop using the same excuse every time you need a sick day.
  2. Openly Looking For A New Job On Company Time. This is plain dumb. If you’re not invested in your company, your work will reflect it. Remember – “All company emails are fair game for the IT department, who may even have a standing order to alert management when an employee sniffs around for a new job on company time.”
  3. Mistreating Customers. A dissatisfied customer will write negative reviews. Because we’re in the age of technology, bad news travels fast. In addition to that, customers look at reviews to determine whether they should patronize a business.
  4. Chronic Lateness. Those who fail to show up to work on time should find a new career. One cannot blame lateness on their snooze button.
  5. Flirting With Harassment. “By now, everyone should know to keep quiet about their coworkers’ personal appearances, even with compliments. In fact, especially with compliments.”
  6. Letting That Pervasive Negative Bias Show. Even though you may not like something, sometimes you have to ‘fake it in order to make it.’ Let’s face it – no one wants to associate with a negative employee.
  7. Indulging In Your Social Media Habit On The Clock. Simply put – deal with your social media on your personal time.
  8. The Grudge Look. In other words, make sure your hygiene is good. In addition, make sure you look professional at all times.

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I agree with all these reasons. If an employee has one of this trait then it is just mixing a bad apple with the good ones and one by one they will become rotten too... so better be preventive than curative. To sum up all the reasons, the employee having these traits is not happy with his/her job.

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