This is my first visit to this site. I arrived with no particular thoughts to share with others, so this entry will be brief. For the time being, I will just state that I am pleasantly surprised by what I have taken note of.

The sparse separation of black people who embrace a " freedom first " mindset works against progress. In nature, viral loads and bacteria must pass threshold concentrations for their potential to grow to become active. Similar analogies can be made about atoms in nuclear reactors and many other phenomena in nature. This site, and perhaps others, can plant the psychological seeds needed to encourage fruitful meetings to occur in physical locations. It is during these occasions where people become 3 dimensional, and where the ideas of individuals can hybridize into many great things.

With a " crawl, walk, then run " strategy, the first small victory that emerges from such meetings could be a reestablishment of community no longer made weak by physical separation. The body's enzymes make large, energetically unfeasible goals possible by breaking them down into several steps with energy barriers that are able to be surpassed. Within as little as a year or two, if as few as 100 smart black people agreed to convene in Atlanta, GA on New Year's Eve ( before the ball drop ), this small step would make others want to make the trip each successive year to be " born again ".

I must go now, but I will visit this site with regularity. Let's make this happen folks ! In some way, shape, or form, we must get to know one another on a personal basis. I look forward to our first " family reunion ", regardless of where this occurs.

Peace and blessings forever.

S. George DeGullah


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